About Martyn

With a background in marketing and tourism academia, Martyn Pring is an author and independent researcher with interests in destination, place and nation branding, luxury, culinary and literary tourism, hospitality, travel histories and travel writing, A self-confessed railway, maritime and aviation enthusiast from a young age, he wrote the highly successful story of Luxury Railway Travel: A Social and Business History. Martyn lives and works alongside Dorset’s Jurassic Coast world heritage site.

Luxury Railway Travel

A Social and Business History

British luxury rail travel was not just the domain of the Pullman Company. In fact, they were far from the only providers as railway companies in Britain were extremely active from late Victorian times competing for leisure business. Various railway operators were at the forefront of deluxe rail travel services across pre-grouping, Big Four and BR eras when first-class travel was increasingly adapted for the needs of the business community.

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Boat Trains

English Channel and Ocean Liner Specials

In many ways this title featuring the evolution of cross-channel boat trains and the many dedicated services responsible for moving international passengers to and from trans-Atlantic steamers, is an extension of luxury railway travel. But that’s not the full story as it encapsulates more than 125 years of independent and organised tourism development.

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